About Wizard of Paws.

We have been grooming dogs for over 30 years!

Carol Cooper

Carol with Betty

We offer:

  • Pet grooming and bathing for dogs 30 pounds or less.
  • Full grooming will include brush out, shampoo and conditioner.
  • Dogs will be clipped or scissor trimmed to breed standard.
  • Toenails are clipped, ears cleaned and anal glands expressed.
  • Talk to us about your pets style! We’d love to work with you to make your pets’ look individual and appealing to you.
  • We can do nail trims usually on a drop in basis. Call us to arrange a time to come in and have this service done.
  • We offer pet grooming and bathing for dogs 30 pounds or less.


Meet Carol Cooper, owner of Wizard of Paws

Carol Cooper, CAH, CMG, Owner

Carol and Margaret

Carol Cooper and Margaret Chester

Carol has always had a love for animals, especially dogs. After graduating from San Francisco Barber College, she decided to take hair cutting to a different level. She apprenticed as a bather and eventually a groomer. This was hard work, but very rewarding!

After working at several salons in the Bay Area, and serving for 5 years as director of the Grooming College at the SF SPCA, she decided to open Wizard of Paws. Carol is a certified master groomer, companion animal hygienist and has been a competitor and judge at several grooming competitions.

The shop has been a labor of love for all these years. It has gone through many changes, but the vision has remained the same–to do the best grooming, have the happiest dogs and most satisfied clients.

Carol has Betty the Boston terrier and Veronica, a Mini schnauzer. She is trying to make them good citizens at Wizard of Paws.

She is very proud to be one of the first gay couples to be legally married in California when she married her wife Margaret in 2008.